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Editorial Board
hassan kazemian UK
british journal
Hassan Kazemian,
Ph.D. (Computational Intelligence)
Consultant Editor
Director of Intelligent Systems Research Centre 
London Metropolitan University, UK.

Intelligent Systems, Robotics
shahanawaj ahamad
international journal
Shahanawaj Ahamad,
Ph.D. (Software Engineering)
Associate Editor
Chair, Software Engineering Research 
Deputy Director of Quality Assurance & Development 
University of Ha'il, Saudi Arabia.

Software Evolution, Migration & Ageing, Legacy Systems, SOA
Charles Kim
mechanical engineering
Charles Kim,
Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering)
Associate Editor
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Howard University, Washington, USA.
Sensing, diagnostics for electric,electronic, power systems
Bao Yang
mechanical engineering
Bao Yang,
Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering)
Associate Editor
Department of Mechanical Engineering 
University of Maryland, USA.
Thermal Science, Optical Engineering, Nano Technology, MEMS
Prasad Yarlagadda,
Prasad Yarlagadda
Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering)
Associate Editor
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Queensland University of Technology, Australia. 

AI in Manufacturing, CAD/CAM,  High Energy Rate Manufacturing
double dot
Zahid Ali,
Zahid Ali
Ph.D. (Computer Applications)
Associate Editor
Professor & Director
SSI College of Management & Information Technology 
Punjab Technical University, India. 


Database Systems, Programming Techniques, Cryptrography.
double circle
Ghassan Beydoun,
Ghassan Beydoun
Ph.D. (Computer Engineering)
Associate Editor
School of Management, Information Systems & Leadership 
University of Technology Sydney, Australia. 


Knowledge Acquisition, Ontologies, Multi Agent Systems
shamimul qamar
United Kingdom
Shamimul Qamar,
Ph.D. (Computer Engineering)
Associate Editor
Associate Professor 
Dept. of Computer Network Engineering
King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia. 

Cognitive Network, Computer Architecture, Information System
fadi ghaith UAE
Fadi Ghaith,
Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering)
Associate Editor
Associate Professor 
School of Engineering & Physical Sciences 
Heriot Watt University, Dubai Campus, UAE. 

Thermal Engineering, Energy Analysis, Modeling & Simulation
Amit Kumar
Thapar University
Amit K. Kohli,
Ph.D. (Wireless Signal Processing)
Associate Editor
Associate Professor
Thapar University, Patiala, India.

Advanced Wireless & Digital Communication Systems, Neural Networks, Bio Signal Processing, Filter Design Techniques. 
mieczyslaw drabowski poland
free publication
Mieczyslaw Drabowski,
Ph.D. (Computing Science)
Associate Editor
Assistant Professor & Deputy Dean
Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Cracow University of Technology, Poland. 


Operating Systems,Parallel Computing, Fault Tolerant Systems.
Taimoor Khan NIT
computer dot
Taimoor Khan,
Ph.D. (Communication Engineering)
Associate Editor
Assistant Professor 
National Institute of Technology, Silchar, India.



Artificial Intelligence Paradigm for Microwave and Millimeter Wave & Microwave Engineering,Mobile Communication Systems
Magdy S. A. Mahmoud
Magdy S. A. Mahmoud,
Ph.D. (Computer Science)
Associate Editor
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Computers and Informatics  
Suez Canal University, Egypt.


Information Retrieval, Web Services, Semantic Web.
K S Senthilkumar
K. S. Senthilkumar,
Ph.D. (Machine Learning)
Associate Editor
Assistant Professor 
Department of Computer & IT 
St. George University, Grenada, West Indies. 



Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks & Intelligence.
Hany Elslamony Egypt
software engineering
Hany Elslamony,
Ph.D. (Image Processing)
Associate Editor
Assistant Professor 
Helwan University, Egypt. 



Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Multimedia Systems, Computational Mathematics, Game Programming.
G. Suseendran
G. Suseendran,
Ph.D. (Information Technology)  
Associate Editor
Assistant Professor 
School of Computing Sciences 
Vels University, Chennai, India.



Mobile Adhoc Networks
G. Suseendran
Heba M. M. Afify,
Ph.D. (Bio Medical Engineering)  
Associate Editor
Assistant Professor 
MTI University, Egypt.



Bio Mechanics, Bio Informatics, Bio Medical Engineering
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